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About Us

HOWFAR is a publication conceptualized as a timeline booklet of Nigeria’s progress.

It provides an entertaining, yet insightful look into our past , present and future as a Nation. It also embraces and promotes the need to celebrate our identity as people while we further shape the next generations into future leaders stirred by conscience, foundation and passion.

The team is comprised of a dynamic group of local and international creatives, editors, writers, illustrators, photographers, researchers and coffee drinkers. The motivation for this collective effort is our love for Nigeria’s history, as well as the passion and determination to preserve and present it in easily comprehensive and assimilative formats for our target markets.

All of this magic happens under the auspices of GREENLAB (a design agency based in Lagos, Nigeria) who is the parent company of the HOWFAR publication.

Nana Yesufu-Olumese

Olusola Kunle Kuti