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Journey So Far

We have been involved in the Youth market scene for a while. Both as SwitchedOnNaija (a youth website and magazine) and Howfar ( an online and print publication).  

Engaging curious minds stirred by conscience and passion.

This has given us the opportunity to intercept youth segments to collate and capture accurate information about spending patterns, lifestyle, trends, early adopters and even perception towards brand advertising, Promotions and activations. In the past we (members of our team) have worked with other research outfits on specific projects and briefs which helped generate outstanding analysis and results for our clients.

This experience opened up the possibility of producing a time-line booklet that could capture the youth market in decades given both the old and young and entertaining yet insightful look into our past, present and future as a Nation. It also embraces the need to promote our Identity as people and further shape the next generation of young people into future leaders stirred by conscience, foundation and passion.

Howfar’s first edition was in 2007 but production was halted after 2 issues due to budget constraints. Both issues were downloaded more that 40,000 times, and circulated even without smartphones. However, we have identified the need to return because of the main inspiration behind it in the first place, the existing lack of knowledge by many of the individuals that make up our target market.

A large percentage of young people, even with access to the internet and vast amounts of information are not knowledgeable about our history, culture and past. This fact is further buttressed by the words of well known historian, (Max Siollun), who explained in an interview that Nigeria’s history has to be packaged into an interactive entertaining platform in order to capture their attention and be attractive to them.

Though we rested SwitchedOn as a brand…we kept Howfar alive.

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