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My Sisters Keeper

In 1978 a phrase in our National anthem changed from ‘…our Sovereign Motherland’ to ‘…our Fatherland’. As ‘simple’ as this might seem, it makes for interesting discourse.

My Sisters’ Keeper is dedicated to our unsung heroes: our mothers, sisters and daughters of Nigeria. We take a look at some of the sacrifices made for our unity and avenues created to bring awareness to issues concerning the girl child.

Some highlights;
  • Peju Alatise’s piece “The 10 year old Girl”  (seen hiding behind a door, with an axe representing the law that allows grown men marry young girls)
  • Aisha Yesufu (and her continuous support for good governance and the bring back our girls movement)
  • Kiki Mordi’s BBC Documentary (Sex for Grades)
  • Leah Sharibu
  • Hashtags on rape, genital mutilation, EnoughIsEnough Nigeria and more
  •  We also chose to add a list of some of our heroes…With one of the Asaba Women’s Riot leaders (Nwaola Agamba) at the on top.

Girl Illustration: Kayode (KRO) Onimole @kroplex
Issue 3 Cover: Victor Ehikhamenor @victorsozaboy
Creative Director: Olusola Kuti @olusolakuti


The Poster is free for use. View the interactive poster below or click to download.