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Send me a Postcard – 1967, Nigeria

Dr. Ladi Kwali at work, with her OBE Medal. Somehow the captioned picture only says “Woman Potter, Abuja, Northen Nigeria.

Now a Postcard was a short letter, almost like a #tweet sent through a mailbox. It didn’t say much. It was never sealed so if the mailman could read it…everyone could read it too. Discussing your family problems via a postcard was usually not in your best interest.

At the back of the Postcard it reads:
Northern Nigeria, aptly described as “Giant In The Sun” is a young developing territory with ancient and rich history. A land of great scenic beauty, of warm sunshine, or color and of endless pageantry. It is over two-thirds the area and more than half the population of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It has a rich and varied land with rugged hills, rolling valleys, forest land, semi-desert and a climate that supports a wide range of vegetables, animal and birdlife. The people are a varied and virtual as the land, warm and friendly.

Hmm…Na wa! The ‘Shakespeare’ that wrote this epistle at the back of the card couldn’t write her full name in front?

The stamp:
Also seen is the Nigerian stamp with a Coal Miner. 1d meant 1 penny so it gives you an idea of the year (and why we wore gloves). The Naira was introduced in 1973 (replacing the British Pound, shilling and pence).

Side Note:
We doubt she wore this medal when working on a daily basis so it was definitely a professional photo session. It also shows on the N20 Naira note so it was a big deal.