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There’s something about Mary (Calabar Edition)

The  Hope Waddell Tarining Institute, Calabar (late 70s). The Hope Waddell Training Institution (HOWAD) named after Rev. Hope Masteron Waddell was founded in 1895. #Maryslessor was instrumental to its establishment…writing the first appeal for its creation.

From the HWTI website:
The school provided practical training, primarily tailored towards male students, in carpentry, masonry, blacksmithing, coopering, naval engineering, brickmaking, bricklaying, and other crafts. The school maintained a vessel on the Calabar River, “The Diamond” for use by students studying maritime subjects. The region of Calabar called Diamond Hill takes its name from the vessel.

4 Interesting points:

Mary was a Judge:
When Southern Nigeria became a British Protectorate on January 1, 1900, Mary was the first female magistrate in the British Empire and a tactful diplomatic emissary.

Mary was a Boss:
Also acting in the capacity of Vice-Consul for #calabar Rivers, Mary Slessor’s activities were responsible for the extension of trade in the region as she was also saddled with the responsibility of working out customs arrangements as well as the establishment of postal and treasury departments in the area under her jurisdiction.

From the Life and Work Magazine of the Church of Scotland, Miss Mina Amess (a colleague of Miss Slessor) was interviewed. 

Mary had a sharp tongue:
At Ikotobong she was appointed  vice-president of the native court which resulted in unconventional judgements. She once told two waring chiefs, “I will prick your hands and his, and you can suck each others blood.

From the book ‘African Soccerscapes: How a Continent Changed the World’s Game’ By Peter Alegi.

Mary ‘indirectlty’ gave us soccer?
–  Hope Waddell Training Institute was formed in 1895
–  Rev James Luke was principal from 1902 – 1907 and he introduced Soccer to the timetable. Parents objected…calling it a waste of time. Graduates from the school moved to lagos to take up white-collar jobs with the government. They brought with them the love for the game.