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This House has fallen – Karl Maier

Excerpts from This House has fallen – Nigeria in Crisis by Karl Maier
Published by Penguin Group 2000

On the July 1966 Massacre – Page 13

“With the North still bitter over the killings of its political leaders and frightened by the disappearance of its autonomy, northern officers staged a revenge coup in July that was followed by a massacre of Igbos living in the north”

 “The coming war in the Delta” – Saro Wiwa’s ‘Similia’ column (Sunday times) – Page 90

“Finally the delta people must be allowed to join in the lucrative sale of crude oil. Only in this way can the cataclysm that is building up in the delta can be avoided. Is anyone listening”

Kano Religious Crisis in the North – Page 164

“The Christians raised the temperature by driving around in cars and trucks and using loud speakers to promote the meeting in muslim neighborhoods. “They went around in areas which had been prohibited by convention”

Ojukwu on the Nigerian Constitution – Page 286

“Nigerians still do not have a constitution that they can call their own; the laws of the land were first written by the British colonialists and were later amended and replaced by military juntas seeking to justify their own rule”

Karl Maier was the African correspondent for the Independent from 1986 to 1996.